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02/26: Goldner is Gold

Category: Rotter and Friends | Posted by: Team

Sound the BELLS! Our good Friends at Anthology Recordings are re-launching their website today to a more tightly curated spectrum of fine exclusive rare content from their nostalgic vaults.

This harps a nice occasion, for I have been meaning to share this RARE video only available on the Anthology site from German wonderstoned popster Mr. Andy Goldner whose 1978 whopper Infinity is now available digitally and is a mix of penthouse meets metrostation jams. Please trust and watch the whole thing-it only gets better. Prepare to be severely cosmically confused.........in the best way possible! Click HERE.
Check out this Goldner collage -yes in the lower right corner he is INDEED holding a puppet of himself! Holding my hand to my heart, I received a treat amongst treats from Mr. Goldner who gifted yours truly with a personal note of wisdom on the LP. Thanks for making my month Andy!!
ALSO-Dear Uncle Freddy, it has been revealed, it was....David Geffen.