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09/11: Rotter and Friends Presents: Hour Of Wisdom

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FRIENDS! Im Zach Cowie, resident DJ for the Rotter & Friends organization.

By clicking the Link link below (ha!) youll be re-directed to a stream containing the first installment of a NEW and soon-to-be-regular happening here at R+ F-- The Hour Of Wisdom. The HOW is a crash course of stories and sounds aimed at informing the masses about the artists weve chosen to immortalize in t-shirt form with the Rotter & Friends label.

Alright, Im totally pumped about this and I sincerely hope y'all dig it.

Please send your questions/comments/concerns to zach@rotterandfriends.com and stay tuned for the Hour Of Wisdom Program B where we shine a light on the outrageous jams of a young Bob Seger, which should grace the site early October (if I can find the damn "Persecution Smith" single for less than fifty bucks!) as well as random postings of songs that we're feelin' and maybe a mixtape or two!

Much Love,

Click here to listen.