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12/27: Music, Murals, Gratitude

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Wanted to share this lil' film the dear gang at Urban Outfitters made of my work, peppered with a sweet time lapse of the Ace Hotel mural creation. (full article HERE) When this film premiered last week, the outpouring of warmth from friends, family, people I studied alongside, worked with, and folks I never met before, was staggering. All I can say, is THANK YOU.

Gifted & Talented: Jess Rotter from Urban Outfitters on Vimeo.

Major gratitude vibage to my luvs at Dossier Magazine for this amazing piece written by the great Stephanie Tran HERE.
I am off to the desert now, but I wish you soldiers a magical year filled with some rad adventures and hopefully a dream fulfilled. Like Bill Cunningham says as he breaks down at the end of giving a speech about his career: "If you seek beauty, you will find it."

Peace Frogs.

xxx Jess