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09/06: LIVE at Rotter Corner Mix

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jess rotter mix
So stoked to share a mix I made for the great people at BAD VIBES. Special thanks to Paul and Jarin for spreading the luv.

I hope you all enjoy this lil' horizon-check out info/dl link HERE.

Track Listin' Fun:
1. On Your Own Again- Scott Walker
2. Wild In The Streets- Garland Jeffreys
3. Midnight Train -Tommy James
4. It`s Been There From the Start -Terry Jacks
5. Nosejob -The Deadly Nightshade
6. I'll Make her Love me- Jim Ford
7. I Want To Be An Eagle- Mr. Indian and Time
8. Zoo Gang- Wings
9. Reality- Jade Stone & Luv
10. Refrigererator Heaven- Alice Cooper
11. Presidential Rag-Arlo Guthrie
12. U.F.O-.Jim Sullivan
13. She's A Very Lovely Woman-Linda Ronstadt
14. No Road Is The Right Road-Christine Perfect
15. Love and Happiness- Big Youth
16. Tukani (Monday Is Grey)- Cleaners From Venus
17. I've Got A Thing About You Baby-Tony Joe White
18. The Folks From Mother's Mixer-Black Merda
19. Driving and Talking at the Same Time- The Necessaries
20. Slow Cookin' -Bobbie Gentry
21. Baltimore- Nina Simone
22. From Way Up Here -Malvina Reynolds