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12/10: Air Plants, Perhacs, and Markets

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Holidazin' slumber vibes all around- wanted to spread the last minute birdy word and invite you to come hang out with us at the Nightwood Holiday Market sale located in their pop-up space in downtown Brooklyn. (see flyer below for details)
(photo by Kiana J)
Rotter and Friends will be coffee cupped and hangin' in the wood house selling my burn pieces, block prints, tee shirts and a slew of amazing Mexican Summer Records that includes the re-issue'd masterpiece from Linda Perhacs: Parallelograms. One of the pieces getting a warm embrace are these air plant drawings pictured. Special thanks to our good bud Stephanie Tran at Duskin for this mention on her amazing blog of wonder HERE.
I worked on a lot of burn pieces for the show with the fine Perhacs test pressing as the zone-as I hadn't revisited the magik in ages. Some songs brought out the tears, and others-a breath of relief for its lasting beauty. For those who aren't aware of the power of this inspirational psyche folk record from 1970, PLEASE explore and pick up a copy.