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07/08: Gene Clark The Force- 2 Hours of Wisdom

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It's been a while since I've thrown some wisdom your way-- no better time to make a comeback than to celebrate the release of Rotter and Friends' new Gene Clark T-shirt!

Gene Clark is a force. There's nothing I can say about the man that a few Googles can't uncover (for those unfamiliar with Gene and his music, allow ME but what I CAN do for you folks is to pull all my Gene (and Gene-era Byrds) records off the shelves and mix you up a little career retrospect (much in the style of my John Martyn tribute from earlier this year). This is in no way definitive-- just me hitting record, spinning my faves and making it up as I go along...I hope you dudes enjoy the jams...(Warning: anyone who's given No Other a spin or two knows how heavy these late-era jams can get...if you're an easy crier-- consider this mix NSFW! (Nothing is weirder than crying at a cubicle into tupper-ware'd homefood.)

click HERE to listen

Turquoise Wisdom, LA

thanks tw. gene clark gear shall arrive by tomorrow! apology vibes for the delay!

silver ravens..

x jess