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12/31: Couldn't Love You More - a John Martyn Tribute

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I am beyond proud to share this Hour of Wisdom piece done by R + F's resident DJ Zach Cowie who put together a beautiful tearful tribute of the late and inspirational John Martyn one of the greatest musical losses of 2009. Some words from Turquoise Wisdom himself...

Hello internet.
Zach Cowie, AKA DJ Turquoise Wisdom here-- resident DJ for the Rotter & Friends organization.

There were some pretty devastating loses this year musically, many of which I find myself still trying to process at year's end. i immediately cried my eyes out when we all lost MJ, but it was the passing of JM that was a slower burn that i still can't seem to shake. JM is John Martyn and he's one of my favorite voices and guitar players ever put to tape. I've wanted to do something to salute the man since he left us back in January, but I never knew what to do. As I sat in my record room yesterday playing his "Bless The Weather" LP, the tribute idea hit me-- get whiskey drunk (as John would have insisted!), pull all my John (and Beverly) Martyn LP's off the shelves, fire up the turntables, and make a totally live, unrehearsed mix of my favorite tunes of his to share with friends in hopes that these sounds bring others the joy and comfort they've always brought me. I played the mix back today and there are a few pretty rough fades and the poor sound quality of "I'd Rather Be The Devil" is already driving me nuts (truth be told-- that's the only thing not from vinyl in the mix-- it's a digital recording I made of one of my favorite JM performances from a Youtube clip). I considered remixing but threw the idea out the window pretty quickly. Rough around the edges is a perfect way to salute John; a man who died from livin'.

I really don't think I could've started 2010 properly without getting this out of my system. I hope all fans, new and old, find something in this mix-- if you are new to his name, please read up and prepare to have your mind melted.
John Marytn-- your voice has been, and always will be one of the best friends that's ever crawled into my headphones. Rest In Peace, brother.


Click here to listen.

PS. Thank you Arron Bleasdale. You are the R + F wizard and keeper of secrets!

09/11: Rotter and Friends Presents: Hour Of Wisdom

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FRIENDS! Im Zach Cowie, resident DJ for the Rotter & Friends organization.

By clicking the Link link below (ha!) youll be re-directed to a stream containing the first installment of a NEW and soon-to-be-regular happening here at R+ F-- The Hour Of Wisdom. The HOW is a crash course of stories and sounds aimed at informing the masses about the artists weve chosen to immortalize in t-shirt form with the Rotter & Friends label.

Alright, Im totally pumped about this and I sincerely hope y'all dig it.

Please send your questions/comments/concerns to zach@rotterandfriends.com and stay tuned for the Hour Of Wisdom Program B where we shine a light on the outrageous jams of a young Bob Seger, which should grace the site early October (if I can find the damn "Persecution Smith" single for less than fifty bucks!) as well as random postings of songs that we're feelin' and maybe a mixtape or two!

Much Love,

Click here to listen.

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