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11/04: For Bert.

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Yesterday was the great Bert Jansch's birthday-an artist who has been a strong inspiration and heart filled hero. The week after Bert passed in October of 2011, Zach Cowie (@TurquoiseWisdom) compiled this magical retrospective Hour Of Wisdom mixtape of Bert's work that we've decided to share today in tribute.

intro: billy connolly spoken excerpt from 'acoustic routes' documentary 
bert jansch - strolling down the highway - bert jansch
bert jansch - go your way - nicola
pentangle 'sweet child' reprise radio promo 45
pentangle - sweet child - sweet child
pentangle - wedding dress - reflection
bert jansch - oh my babe - it don't bother me 
pentangle - i saw an angel - 45
bert jansch - a woman like you - birthday blues
bert jansch - nobody's bar - rosemary lane
bert jansch - rabbit run - nicola
bert jansch - open up the watergate (let the sunshine in) - l.a. turnaround 
bert jansch - black water side - jack orion 
pentangle 'basket of light' reprise radio promo 45 
pentangle - springtime promises - basket of light
bert jansch 'birthday blues' reprise radio promo 45
bert jansch - i am lonely - birthday blues
bert jansch - silly woman - rosemary lane
pentangle - sally free and easy - solomon's seal 
bert jansch - running from home - bert jansch 
bert jansch & john renbourn - the time has come - bert and john 
bert jansch - ramblings going to be the death of me - bert jansch
bert jansch - poison - birthday blues
bert jansch - the first time ever i saw your face - moonshine
bert jansch - nottamun town - jack orion
pentangle - hunting song - basket of light 
bert jansch - blues run the game - santa barbara honeymoon 
pentangle - when i get home - reflection 
bert jansch - one for jo - l.a. turnaround 

(special thanks to andy zax for all the radio promo spots)

I have to also point out this little doc that my dear friends Aja Pecknold and Sean Pecknold created on tour w/ Bert and his wife Loren the last year of his life. More HERE

Bert & Loren from Unified Field Collective on Vimeo.

Enjoy and go your way.

x Jess

12/11: A Mix from Michael

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A few months back a dear friend/record head Michael Hirsch had compiled a mix of dreamy songs for me to share with you all and it's been so bananas here-I forgot to post this..until now.

A few sweet words from Mr. Hirsch/track listing...

I made this from the perspective of you and I being these kind of cosmic relatives, or two slightly overlapping parts of the same brain, because what we try to share with the world is similar : some of the lesser known music, culture, and ideas of the 60s-70s.

When I was putting this thing together, I thought about it as a kind of letter to write you as if we were catching up, just kinda telling you what was up with my life, and that maybe you had some of that happening in yours..

Heron - Yellow Roses
Captain Beefheart And The Magic Band - Observatory Crest
Alex Chilton - The EMI Song
Emitt Rhodes - Drawn To You
Philip Lynott - Old Town
The Turtles - So Happy Together (Todd Terje Edit)
Maggie Macneal - White Room
Lynsey De Paul - Season To Season
Olivia Newton-John - Love Song
The Poppy Family - Beyond The Clouds
Ray Davies - I Go To Sleep
Françoise Hardy - Qui Peut Dire ?
Gene Clark & The Gosdin Brothers - The French Girl (Mono)
Temple Songs - A Bee Or A Shark
Jem Targal - Like Ya Do, By-You
Keith Cross & Peter Ross - Pastels

Thank you so much, this mix is beautiful. Hope you all out there dig it too...

Holidazin' Hearts out. PS. you know you can follow our daily ramblings on instagram? @rotterandfriends

xx Jess

11/07: Rodriguez Official Shirts Come To Reality

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In 2006, the first year we launched R + F, I was sent a tip from a customer who had recommended Cold Fact (1970) by a Detroit songwriter named Sixto Rodriguez. Clearly, it was pupil-hearted love at first listen. The timeless perfect album about love, poverty, rebellion, and escape. Just when you think you've found the record of your dreams, there's also his second opus, Coming From Reality (1971). In this time of recent, Rodriguez is experiencing a major resurgence since the daze that this great initially unheard music was made. Our brothers at Light In The Attic had reissued both LP's on vinyl in 2009, and the magic continues with this unbelievable documentary that Sony Pictures released earlier this year, "Searching For Sugarman"-see the epic trailer HERE.
I am so proud to release the first official illustrated tee shirts of Rodriguez and honored to have been asked to scribble the magic, approved by the man himself. Special thanks to Light In The Attic, David Black (photographer of wonder), Stella Berkofsky, and Rodriguez's family, for helping make this project happen. Rodriguez's music is a very personal labor of love-it has hit many heart strung moments and inspired greatly for ages. Beyond that, his story is legendary even beyond the gifts he gives all musically: selfless, talented, and genuine: we salute.
Enjoy and do head over to le shop to check these specially priced zingers out! I leave you with two of my favorite jams of Mr. R-one for the gut, and one..for the groove.

xx Jess

09/24: 2 Hours of Wisdom: A Brief History of Fleetwood Mac

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f mac

Another Hour Of Wisdom (actually two) by our favorite Mr. Zach Cowie aka Turquoise Wisdom-so honored!! See below and check out his past horizons exclusively for R + F paying homage to: Link Wray, Gene Clark, & John Martyn..also, wisdom has been snoozy, but not on instagram! Please follow our daily adventures: @RotterandFriends

PROGRAM A 1967-74.


From ZC:

Whoa. Long time no Turquoise Wisdom! Hello again to all my Rotter & Friends friends! Okay. Last month Concord Music Group released a Fleetwood Mac tribute album called Just Tell Me That You Want Me. Many of the artists on the covers record chose to tackle some lesser-known 'Mac jams that may leave the casual listener a bit confused-- this is where I come in. Brace yourself as I attempt the impossible-- a crash course on the deeper side of the band's unparalleled 40+ year career in just 2 one-hour radio shows! As always, these mixes are in no way definitive-- just me going through my 'Mac records and piecing together a fun and (hopefully) educational listen. I'll also be playing a few cuts from the new tribute album, if you like what you're hearing, you can grab a copy HERE.

…and if you're still in a shopping mood, Rotter & Friends has paid tribute to both Christine McVie and Stevie Nicks-Have a look HERE

Thanks for listening,

07/24: Presenting: Country Funk

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country funk
Gosh, what is it about Country jams from the seventies that goes straight to the heart so hard? More than any other genre, the world of boot cut jams has been a major influence on the world of R + F since the beginning, so it was an honor when Zach Cowie (Turquoise Wisdom) reached out as he was compiling/producing an anthology to honor the music of Country Funk era from 1969-75 and who better to release/co-produce it than our brothers at Light In The Attic and liner notes written by our sister, the great Jessica Hundley. (8.4 on pitchfork? righteous!)

Working on a project like this has been a dream- especially with all the family vibes involved. I spent the entire winter of 2011 drawing hair and hootnanny homages for the album art which includes a 24-page booklet of illustrations featuring Bobbie Gentry, Tony Joe White, Mac David, Johnnie Jenkins, Hawg Frog, and Gritz.
country funk
Of COURSE, we had to make a tee shirt to mark this special occasion which is now available on the shop-special thanks our hero Mr. David Black for these gorgeous photos, Michael Gerner + Alison Lewis for being such amazin' models. You can read more about the comp and purchase the record HERE.

If in LA this Sunday come hang out with us for a celebratory jamboree (info below)..Hope this inspires some good times!
country funk
cf layout
Country Funk Release Party
Sunday, July 29th @ Mount Analog
2 pm- 6 pm
5906 N Figueroa St, Los Angeles

xx Jess

04/20: Lee Hazlewood Lives On

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It is a big honor to finally unleash a special project marking the fourth collaboration with our brothers at Light In The Attic: The Lee Hazlewood tee, just in time for Record Store Day now available in our shop. Approved with love by Hazlewood's widow herself, this tee was created in tandem with the vinyl release of The LHI Years: Singles, Nudes, & Backsides. I wanted to share some of the beautiful photos we shot of the shirts and some of our favorite Lee songs with you..

Special thanks to my dear friends Alison and Michael for modeling in these simply gorgeous photos shot by the always inspiring, David Black.

Check out an interview I did with Elle Magazine's blog about the project HERE.

02/13: LIVE at Rotter Corner v.2!

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It is a true honor to be compiling another mix of hope jams for my brothers at Bad Vibes here from Rotter Corner. Some to put on the boogie boots to, others to weep on your keyboard- but all from the heart. Oh, also there’s a 7 minute song about.. “buttz”. Many thanks to my wonder men Zach (Dublab.com) and Chris (Preservation Sound) for some of these whoppers that are always a staple play from our headquarters. Listen HERE

Check out the first volume HERE.

Hope it inspires!


02/09: Buckingham'd!

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So stoked to share this fun project as we were recently honored to be asked by the great Lindsay Buckingham Appreciation Society to scribble up a flyer for their upcoming shows in NYC and Philly paying homage to the great 1982 F. Mac album, MIRAGE. We will be having some Fleetwood Mac merch for sale at these gigs as well as limited edition C. Mcvie posters..exciting city!
2/17 Philly:Johnny Brendas
2/18 Brooklyn: Littlefield

Do try to check them out and if you're not too schooled in the magik of Mirage, brush up below...

xx Jess

12/27: Music, Murals, Gratitude

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Wanted to share this lil' film the dear gang at Urban Outfitters made of my work, peppered with a sweet time lapse of the Ace Hotel mural creation. (full article HERE) When this film premiered last week, the outpouring of warmth from friends, family, people I studied alongside, worked with, and folks I never met before, was staggering. All I can say, is THANK YOU.

Gifted & Talented: Jess Rotter from Urban Outfitters on Vimeo.

Major gratitude vibage to my luvs at Dossier Magazine for this amazing piece written by the great Stephanie Tran HERE.
I am off to the desert now, but I wish you soldiers a magical year filled with some rad adventures and hopefully a dream fulfilled. Like Bill Cunningham says as he breaks down at the end of giving a speech about his career: "If you seek beauty, you will find it."

Peace Frogs.

xxx Jess

12/05: Ace Hotel: Rm. 1122: FIN

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jess mural
I wanted to share a really special project for the fine people at Ace Hotel NYC,where I was able to spend the past weekend painting a full wall mural in Room 1122. God on a wheel, working on something for 24 hours that had nothing to do with a computer, feels pretty magical. As a former painter, it was a really reflective and important lil' journey to work on.
jess mural
jess mural
The image is derived from a desert landscape in Marfa, TX and inspired by the 1971 song "Never Make a Dollar That Way" by David Wiffen, a golden tune that always proves to be a meditative solo listen, best listened to amongst a long horizon.
jess mural
jess mural
jess mural
jess mural

We will have a fun video to post soon, but want to send some big gratitude vibes to Kalani, Aubrey, Joe, and dear friend the great photographer Jeaneen Lund, who shot the whole ride and threw champagne at me when I almost couldn't paint another line at 3 am...

The great Turquoise Wisdom had originally shared the Wiffen tune many years ago, so it is fitting to spread the word about his new FALL DOWNERS mix for our buds at Aquarium Drunkard. Hmm...wonder who did the cover art.....;)

Big smiles, hope you enjoy, and if ever staying at The Ace, do request the "Rotter Room". -eyebrow wiggles-

xx Jess

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