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12/04: Forget About Everything

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In a bleak week of layoffs, awesome salary cuts, and the fighting hope to keep awesome tunes, art, and film afloat-there was one amazing piece of news that came in: Sara the Turkish Walrus playing the saxophone.

Instead of finishing the next hour of wisdom (Bob Seger coming soon) R + F resident Zach Cowie is busy pursuing his other starry talents and we are proud to present one of his GENIUS ditties of Sara getting down to Gerry Rafferty's classic, Baker Street. Please make some popcorn and enjoy this horizon-I'm still crying of laughter:

Forget About Everything from Rotter and Friends on Vimeo.


11/14: Anthology Recordings Event

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Rotter and Friends were happily involved in an amazing event last Sunday produced by Night Moves in LA for Anthology Recordings. The first of a 4-part residency at the GORGEOUS Palihouse Holloway hotel in West Hollywood, it was a special time to be had and good to be with some golden buddies. Small Town Talk (resident R and F DJs) spun the jams, and dance magician Ryan Heffington choreographed a dance number to one of my favorite lost gem albums: Jade Stone and Love.The fingered dancers creatively wore our Fall collection during the piece (tie-dye tights rule) Check out some of the fun and be sure to check out AnthologyRecordings.com--its one of my favorite horizons!

Anthology Recordings Salon
Anthology Recordings Salon
Anthology Recordings Salon
Anthology Recordings Salon

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11/14: Whirlwind Heat + Friends

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Had to share this killer photo from the talents of sweet LA bands Whirlwind Heat and Folded Light, who specially posed for a photo in a mix of Rotter and Friends tees. Big hugs guys, you look smashing. This put a smile on our face.

Whirlwind Heat + Folded Light


left to right

Jaffe Zinn - Folded Light

Steve Damstra - Whirlwind Heat, Folded Light

Matthew Gray Gubler - Criminal minds, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Life aquatic

David Swanson- Whirlwind Heat

11/05: Anthology at Palihouse Event

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hey buds.

r + f are stoked to be part of a killer 4-month residency kicking off this sunday at palihouse hotel in los angeles. the evenings are honoring our good friends at anthology recordings, the original digital reissue label paying homage to rare jams of the 60's and 70's. our favorite dj's small town talk will be soundtrackin' the festivities as well.

check out the invite below and have crushed ice whiskeys with us this sunday!

rsvp: rsvp@anthologyrecordings.com


10/28: Dungen at CMJ

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Last week was one of intense jams, booze, and rollin' home around 6 am-only to wake up and do it again! THAT my friends, was CMJ in a nutshell and happily on of my favorite bands/friends DUNGEN were in town to perform as a full line-up for the first time in 3 years! They certainly gave the crowd cartoon eyes at every gig and I was really grateful that the guys happily wore a Rotter and Friends tee at every show! Some may have seen this already, but Gustav Ejstes was one of my featured models for our Spring/Summer 09 collection which Refinery29 gave an exclusive sneak peek to here:


Apparently Dungen's love for R + F will be seen a lot this month as they are currently kicking off a National tour for the next 2 weeks-PLEASE check them out if heading to your town and if you don't own the new album 4 yet, get crackin'! Every record they put out is a real whopper and their label ain't s bad either. ; ) This band is a really special group of people and their shows are a true light to the darkness of contemporary music. (www.dungen-music.com) Special Thanks to Pete @ The Fader for these images...

Courtesy of The Fader
Courtesy of The Fader
Courtesy of The Fader
Courtesy of The Fader

10/28: Pamela Love Rams On

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My good buddy who happens to be a KILLER jewelry designer, Pamela Love was so kind to model our RAM ON tee shirt for City and SOMA magazine. Here is a sneak peek at the photos sweetly taken by Phil Knott. Ladybird Pam is also the drummer of rad Brooklyn band Scorpio Rising. Check them out (www.myspace.com/scorpiorising13) AND her jewelry line, which happily reminds me of a Skeksis from the Dark Crystal meets Beastmaster: www.pamelalovenyc.com Woah!


10/12: Nippon Vogue + Dan DeCarlo

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It has been a true dream of mine for ages to do a fashion illustration for Japanese Vogue and I am so stoked to share my first piece for the October issue of the magazine that came out on stands this weekend. The feature, written by the amazing Jennifer Berk follows a day in the life of a character called "Apple" who spends her hours in NYC getting a work out, her hair styled, eating some fro-yo, hitting some galleries, and then going out to boogie and booze it up! 'Tis worth buying the issue also because my buddy Pamela Love's jewelry line (www.pamelalovenyc.com) is captured in a full page photo spread! Here's a sneak peek at lady Apple clownin' around...


I am SUCH an Archie comics junkie (the books helped raise me) and am heavily inspired by the artwork of Dan DeCarlo. Dan's work on Archie and the Riverdale High gang, Josie and the Pussycats (named after his wife Josie), and Sabrina The Teenage Witch remain unmatched to all of the other contributing artists that continue to work on the series..

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10/12: HERE we go...

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"My friends, John McCain likes to use the term "my friends" a lot. But he's not your friend! You know who's your friend? Jess Rotter is your friend, my friends." -Jeremy Tarr, La2Day


Apologies for the delay in contributing to the wisdom section. Here we go asking to be bookmarked and considered your daily work horizon and then completely slack off-well, not intentionally! The world of Rotter and Friends has been bonkers as our Fall collection just arrived and the response has been killer!

The internets has been so kind to us in the past couple of weeks. To all that wrote such kind words about the new pieces and of course our first film, we send e-hugs of thanks and really appreciate it.

Check out these words of fun:

Style.com: http://www.style.com/stylefile/2008/09/rotter-rocks-on/
Nylon Magazine: http://www.nylonmag.com/?section=article&parid=1984
Anthem Magazine: http://anthemmagazine.com/story/877
La2Day: http://www.la2day.com/fashion/rotter_and_friends_is_your_friend_john_mccain_isn_t
Arthur Magazine: http://www.arthurmag.com/magpie/?p=3212

An exciting moment in Rotter history had also occurred last week (well at least for my mom) when I was included in this years HEEB 100. Yes folks, 'tis an honor of all honors to be one of the top 100 jewy artists of '08. L'chaim.

Thanks Jay.

For now, I shall continue listening to old Badfinger records and raise my fifth cup of coffee in cheers to you, whomever you are. ; )

xx Jess

09/13: Rotter and Friends Fall '08 site launch

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FRIENDS. The wait is finally over. I am so stoked to present the Fall ‘08 collection and new Rotter and Friends website, coming to you from our WISDOM section. Come and visit us often as we propose to be your new workday horizon.

So many creative people have contributed to making some mind blowing things happen this season and we are really proud of all the results. Make sure when you watch our new film to BLAST that song to the hills!

Proving that Rotter and Friends is more than just tee shirts, we celebrate our fourth collection this time around with new FRIENDS, educational adventures, and a killer little film that showcases the musically inspired label in true genuine R and F fashion: a dance party.
This collection pays homage to The Bob Seger System, Link Wray, Judee Sill, and the legendary album by Paul + Linda McCartney, “Ram”. All tees feature hand-drawn, wickedly irreverent illustrations done by yours truly. There are flutter sleeves, four color prints, and jewel toned colors a plenty.
Each month we will be streaming new episodes of “The Rotter and Friends Wisdom Hour” where our resident DJ Zach Cowie takes us on an educational journey full of stories and rare jam moments focusing on the artists we whole heartily pay tribute to for each tee shirt print-BBC style.

The magic doesn’t happen without a wizard conducting it and the Rotter and Friends personal Gandalf happens to be Arron Bleasdale of Ever Growing Studio.  He has outdone himself again reinventing a world of fun and a destination for discovering new musical heroes that’s stylish and wearable.

Enjoy and ram on...

xx Jess @ R + F

Rotter and Friends

09/12: Rotter and Friends Film for Fall '08

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We cannot contain our excitement and are proud to announce the first Rotter and Friends foray into moving pictures. Shot in Los Angeles in September of 2008, the film which is beautifully directed by Jessica Hundley, is a true testament to the spirit of the label as the “Fingered Dancers” choreographed by the renowned Ryan Heffington, boogie their boots off to the amazing Link Wray tune “Fire and Brimstone”. The film was edited by Maximilla Lukacs of “The Belles of the Black Diamond Field”.

Boy, we had a blast shooting this thing. Filled with paper flowers, beers, and steaks (thanks Jed), the dancers pretty much blew our minds. Watch the film here: www.vimeo.com and here: www.youtube.com

Check out this rad piece about the film from NYLON: www.nylonmag.com

Some stills from the shoot:

Film for Fall

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