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03/27: R + F Spring Fun

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Hold on to your sombreros-because we will FINALLY at long last be launching the Spring 09 collection on Monday. Just look at what this new collection DOES to people by enjoying this amazing horizon directed by our good friend Jessica Hundley. Look at dancers Jed and Jeaneen GO! Too much to handle!

Thanks guys-we love you. xx

Rotter and Friends Spring Fun from Rotter and Friends on Vimeo.

03/17: Rotter on Rockville

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As we are still gearing up to launch the new Spring wares, wanted to share some fun pictures we just saw of some old R + F hits that are featured in the web-only WB series ROCKVILLE, CA (created by the wizards of Gossip Girl and the OC) ...which premieres this week!

Alexandra Chando plays "Deb", who leads the pack in the fictional Los Angeles rock venue, Club Rockville. Oh, yeah!

Wiki notes: The viewer is brought into the lives of a group of twenty-somethings from diverse backgrounds who gather regularly at the club to hear their favorite up-and-coming bands, blow off steam, fall in love with the wrong people, and then talk about how they’ve fallen in love with the wrong people. The series premieres March 17, 2009 on TheWB.com.

I mean, what better shirts to fight off matters of the heart/jams with than "Bobbie Gentry" or "Ram On"? right?!

xx Jess


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WHAT a dreamy evening to be had in LA last weekend. Listen, I got a lot of gratitude vibes this week. I cannot thank everyone enough for the big smiles and support for the Moontunes artwork and show at Garage Gallery. Big hugs to Ali Grossman for curating and producing the event and Zach Cowie for DJing the treasure tunes always..

Thanks also to Matt Bedard at Flavorpill who wrote this killer piece on the show: http://flavorwire.com/12449/exclusive-jess-rotters-vintage-inspired-moontunes-at-garage-gallery

without further or due, here are some pics recapping the fun..extended images after the JUMP.

xx Jess

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02/18: Comin' Into Los Angeles....

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...bringing in a couple of keys. Don't touch my bags if you please mister customs maaaayaan.

FRIENDS, I'm stoked to invite you all to a show of rainbow watercolor paintings and drawings I have recently worked on entitled "Moontunes". Yet again the party happens on the West Coast. Come by and check out the new prism prose that is a colorful take on past and present Rotter and friends prints.

If in town, please stroll on over! R + F DJ Zach Cowie will be curating the jams. Big thanks to Ali Grossman at Garage Gallery for puttin' it all together. xx

Moontunes Invite
Jade Stone and his luv

02/11: Chapi and Chapo

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You know what the team at R + F love as much as the 4:00 pm cup of coffee? Chapi and Chapo. Check them out in this little rollerskating ditty. Margot, this ones for you...

01/27: Rotter and The Gap

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Our friends at Nylon magazine happily broke the news today of my four illustrations for the Gap's Project (RED) campaign coming out April 23rd. Check out the little ditty below for more info and thanks to Rebecca Davis who rules...

xx Jess

01/25: Anthology's SECOND Sunday

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WOOSH stevenson! Back from a great weekend of ramblin', tamblin', and foot tapping in R + F's dear city of Los Angeles as we celebrated the second night of our Anthology Recordings residency at Palihouse Hotel presented by Night Moves. We were stoked to be a part of the fun again and boozed it up with our pals-heres some visuals to share taken by the lovely Jeaneen Lund..
R + F projections
Jessica Hundley of Night Moves and Keith Abrahamsson of Anthology Recordings
Jess and Keith
Me and my trusty googly eyes
googly jess
Dance wizard Ryan Heffington and friends shake it to Davy Graham
heff and friends
R + F DJ Zach Cowie and the great Linda Perhacs!
zach n linda
Michael of Videothing.com in action
Mike of Videothing.com in action
DJ Frosty of Dublab
more prjectionz

01/15: Nylon DUDES

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Check out this funny old school barber shop drawing I did for the current issue of Nylon Guys with Russell Brand on the cover. I'm a little late to posting this, but hopefully this will inspire a nice civil war moustache for somebody that reads this.

Nylon guys


01/06: Attention Fleetwood Mac Warriors!

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First off, I would like to wish you all an extreme Happy New Year. I raise my coffee cup to you and hope 2009 is full of treasures and life adventures to all.

After riding up and down NY state for days with a glass of wine on an Amtrak train (business class highly recommended) the brain is ready to get in gear for a slew of projects in the next couple months. -Deep Breaths-

To start off the year I would like to share this treat that made me fall off my chair and then levitate of happiness. Ladies and Gentleman, I present to you THE PURPLE DANCER by post Peter Green Fleetwood Mac. Let me just put out there that if SOMEONE can send me a link to own this on vinyl or has an mp3 version they can share, consider a free tee shirt and hugs of thanks on the way...

Purple Dancer Cover

Info found from RateYourMusic: Straight after the departure of group leader Peter Green, responsibility fell on young Danny Kirwan to steer the Fleetwood Mac ship away from the rocks creatively, as Jeremy Spencer was about to leave and was pretty one-dimensional at the best of times, anyway. Some people might consider it surprising that this brief era proved so fruitful for Fleetwood Mac with the "Kiln House" album and this fine single, but Kirwan had already been established as a match for Peter Green in song-writing and performance before his departure. His guitar sound is all important to "Dragonfly", creating a surreal, aloof edge to the colourful lyrics. The B-Side is sung as a duet with Jeremy Spencer as they take in turn to sing verses and it seems to get good recognition from reviewers. I love the guitar lines in this song and the mixture of rough (Spencer) and soft (Kirwan) works well. The Purple Dancer has singing by both Jeremy Spencer and Danny Kirwan (they each sing a different verse), background singing and awesome piano by Christine McVie, great bass by John McVie.

Peacefrogs people + enjoy.

xx Jess

12/04: Forget About Everything

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In a bleak week of layoffs, awesome salary cuts, and the fighting hope to keep awesome tunes, art, and film afloat-there was one amazing piece of news that came in: Sara the Turkish Walrus playing the saxophone.

Instead of finishing the next hour of wisdom (Bob Seger coming soon) R + F resident Zach Cowie is busy pursuing his other starry talents and we are proud to present one of his GENIUS ditties of Sara getting down to Gerry Rafferty's classic, Baker Street. Please make some popcorn and enjoy this horizon-I'm still crying of laughter:

Forget About Everything from Rotter and Friends on Vimeo.


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